"Preparing your child academically and socially for kindergarten"

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Fun and Learning

Our goal here at PPP is to provide your child with an environment that offers many types of learning activities such as sensory exploration, imaginative play, social skills as well as academics. We are dedicated to giving your child the best opportunity possible to have a successful transition into kindergarten. We have nine different centers; listening, art, science, blocks/construction, discovery, manipulatives, reading, dress up/ dramatic play, and kitchen.

·         Listening Center- children are able to listen to stories on headphones while following along with the book, as well as listen to children’s songs and nursery rhymes.

·         Art Center- in this center children have access to an easel, chalkboard, dry erase board, paper, crayons, markers, and more.

·         Science Center- children are able to explore with sensory items, magnets, a microscope, and much more.

·          Blocks/Construction Center- there are several types of building blocks available here, as well as cars, trucks, and tools.

·         Discovery Center- this is a Sand and Water Table but at times it will be filled with beans, rice, or other materials to give children an opportunity to explore different textures and materials. There are small shovels, buckets, measuring cups, and more to use on the table.

·         Manipulatives Center- manipulatives are anything that children can interlock or manipulate with their hands. This center has Lego’s of different sizes, puzzles, and more.

·         Reading Center- here children can relax on the floor with throw pillows and enjoy books, as well as electronic toys that focus on alphabet recognition.

·         Dress up/Dramatic play Center- many fun outfits are available here (cowboy, knight, hair stylist, waitress, police officer, and more), as well as dolls, stuffed animals, puppets, and a doll house.

               Kitchen Center- young children love to imitate adult life and here they have a kitchen with a refrigerator,stove                                 and microwave, as well as dishes, pots and pans, shopping baskets, and many kinds of food.




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