"Preparing your child academically and socially for kindergarten"

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Perfectly Prepared Preschool, LLC
                                                                                 Daycare with Purpose

At many child care centers the caregiver to child ratio is often unsettling being as high as 1:10. With these numbers children are kept safe during the day and looked after, but there is little one on one interaction. One caregiver for ten children cannot possibly meet all of the needs of every child. At such a young age children often get upset just  from not being able to express themselves. They need a caring adult to help them sort out the issue, or just for a hug. Other needs include situations such as one child who may be able to recognize the entire alphabet while another may only recognize eight letters.

                Here at Perfectly Prepared Preschool your child has the unique opportunity to be in a center type learning environment, but in a family home setting where the ratio is a comfortable 1:5. With these numbers we are able to meet the specific needs of your child on a daily basis. There is time for hugs and comfort when needed. There is also time to help the child who recognizes the entire alphabet reach a new level of learning and growth, as well as helping the child who only knows several letters to master the entire alphabet.


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